Reckless Racing – Polarbit goes after pirates, removes game from market

In what is probably one of the strongest responses put out by a developer/publisher regarding their game being pirated, Polarbit has released a public statement regarding the current situation with Reckless Racing, their highly awaited racing game that was just released last week. On top of their response, they have pulled the game from the Android Market.

According to the statement, because the pirated copies of the game use the same servers and data as the paid versions, it is causing problems for legitimate users who paid for the game regarding gameplay and connectivity.

“In addition to the many legitimately sold copies of Reckless Racing that are accessing our data servers, there are also regrettably cracked versions of the game floating around since a day or two,” says Polarbit’s Tommy Forslund. “These get the game data from exactly the same servers as the legitimate versions, further adding to the difficulties experienced by those of you who have paid for your copy of the game.

In response to what must be a massive onslaught of pirated copies trying to access data, Polarbit has removed the game from the Android Market until they finish working on an update which will allow those users who have legitimate copies of the game to access new servers leaving the pirated games out in the cold. However this will only work if Polarbit implements some sort of authentication system for legitimate game copies to have access while pirated ones can’t even when the new updated version gets pirated.

“The number of users running pirated copies will most likely continue to grow, creating an unsustainable situation and forcing us to employ additional security measures. This will regrettably delay Reckless Racings reappearance on Android Market a little further. We hope to have the new servers up and running, along with the updated build on Android Market by Tuesday afternoon, CET.”

Polarbit closes their announcement with a nice little jab at the people who pirate games, whether theirs or any other developers:

“To those of you who are too cheap to pay three bucks for a game and are ruining it for everybody else – Right Here Buddy

For your pleasure we have included the linked picture in the final statement below as well… our stance: awesome statement.

Website Referenced: Polarbit

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