Day: 6 December 2010


Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD coming to Android?

Seems like Gameloft has a few games slated for release for Android in the near future. The other day we spotted the Let’s Golf 2 page on the Gameloft store site before it was taken offline. Now we got a tip about Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD appearing for availability for Android devices although now we’re having trouble getting to the page.


Sony Playstation button support found in Android SDK 2.3

If you haven’t had enough information regarding Playstation and Android then here is some more and rather interesting news. The Gingerbread (Android 2.3) SDK has been released today and with that everyone is tearing it apart to see what is inside. One of the major focuses of Android 2.3 is gaming, so does it come as a surprise that Playstation button support was found inside?


Upcoming Droid X update to include Madden 2011?

Verizon will be pushing out a new update to Droid X owners in the very near future, version 2.3.340. Included in this update, according to the documents, is EA Mobile’s Madden 2011 game which was supposed to be available by now to Android gamers. Considering this, it looks like the reason it hasn’t bee released is due to Verizon nabbing an exclusive on it.