Day: 14 October 2010


Little Metal Ball – Welcome to game induced violence

It is a rare day when I find a game that manages to frustrate me, make me want to toss my phone and possibly punt somethng out of anger. However those rare days do happen and this is just with the Lite version of the game Little Metal Ball since the full version is not available yet. It is a good game but it will make you want to hit something at some point.


Namco to bring Pac-Man Kart Rally to Android

Let’s for a second fast forward into the future. You own a sweet Android tablet (or phone) and have been enjoying gaming on it for awhile. While playing a lot of puzzle, shooters, platformers or whatever your cup of tea is, you want a change and feel like playing a racing game but nothing too serious. Enter Pac-Man Kart Rally from Namco…


Angry Birds full version preview and more info

Rovio was nice enough to send us a early copy of Angry Birds and let me say this right off the start, it has a LOT of content. 150 levels worth of content to be exact not including the Golden Eggs you need to achieve. The UI has been changed a bit as well with expanding/contracting menus on the start page, sliding level selection screens. It is slick.