Little Metal Ball – Welcome to game induced violence

It is a rare day when I find a game that manages to frustrate me, make me want to toss my phone and possibly punt somethng out of anger. However those rare days do happen and this is just with the Lite version of the game Little Metal Ball since the full version is not available yet. It is a good game but it will make you want to hit something at some point.

At the most basic level Little Metal Ball is a maze game where you use tilt controls to move your… you guessed it… little metal ball around each level collecting stars, dodging obstacles, trying to stay on narrow lanes or moving parts of the level without falling off. It is a time trial and the faster you get through each level, the better your rank with the top being a gold trophy.


  • 20 levels
  • Precise tilt controls and physics
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze record times for each level
  • Jumbo/mirco ball pick-ups, boosts and more..
  • Plenty of ways to lose


If you have any issues with a steady hand then you’ll hate this game but love it at the same time. It does offer up some unique features like the Charged Jump which you need to do at certain areas in some stages to progress. Tap and Hold your finger on the screen until your ball is red while it is sitting on a purple swirl looking tile and it will jump, crack your screen and activate something, usually a moving piece you need.

Even better are the pinball bumpers well placed for you to run into and get pelted off the play area which knocks 10 seconds off your time, each time you fall off. Believe me it adds up fast. If you fall off you better be ready to move as your ball appears on the edge and if you aren’t quick enough you’ll fall right off again losing yet another 10 seconds. I’m sure you can see where the frustration comes in.

The full version looks like it’ll have 6 worlds, 10 levels per world to frustrate you with. It is a good looking game and definitely a challenge to play. You can pick this little frustrating gem up from the Android Market for free and be warned you probably won’t put it down for a while. No idea when the full version will land.

Developer Website: XMG Studio

Direct Market Link: Little Metal Ball

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