Day: October 21, 2010

Game News

Sony considering Android for more future products

At first this may not seem like it is Android gaming related until you remember that rumor has it that Sony Ericsson is apparently making a PSP Go-like phone using the Android OS. According to Engadget, Sony is considering using Android in more of their products although what exactly those products are is unknown but it’s a fair guess what it might be.

Game News

OpenFeint’s new investor is… Intel? Sort of…

Aurora Feint, developers of OpenFeint, seems to have gotten a new investor and as the title suggests it is ‘sort of’ Intel. Actually it is Intel Capital, which is the the investment branch of the Intel corporation similar to that of Google Ventures. This investment will help Aurora Feint push more great games and content to more mobile devices including Android.

Game News

Runelore by Kalloc Studios released for Android

Like puzzle games? How about shooter games? What about both meshed into one game and sprinkled with a little eye candy to round it all out? Yeah nothing like that really exists yet on the market that is any good… until now. Kalloc Studios just released their puzzle/shooting game called Runelore and don’t be afraid, it’s got some nice eye candy as well!

Game News

Reckless Racing is now available for Android!

The racing game that everyone had been looking forward to is now available on the Android Market. It was originally called Deliverance, Reckless Racing has been long overdue to being released on the market. It was delayed a few times and then word about the game simply disappeared so it being available now suddenly is a surprise and a half.