OpenFeint’s new investor is… Intel? Sort of…

Aurora Feint, developers of OpenFeint, seems to have gotten a new investor and as the title suggests it is ‘sort of’ Intel. Actually it is Intel Capital, which is the the investment branch of the Intel corporation similar to that of Google Ventures. This investment will help Aurora Feint push more great games and content to more mobile devices including Android.

“We’ve added 3,400 games and over 45 million mobile gamers to OpenFeint in just over a year – so it’s clear to us that people love to play OpenFeint-enabled games on their mobile devices,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint (via press release). “Mobile games are an integral part of any viable mobile platform, and this investment from Intel Capital will help us expand our cross platform efforts to help bring great gaming content, discovery and community to every mobile device. We’re thrilled to have Intel Inside.”

The total investment? $3 million cool ones. Not bad with an overall funding round that netted Aurora Feint over $8 million in funding. Perhaps with some of that money we will see their game, named Aurora Feint, actually make its way to Android since a lot of people have been requesting it and Aurora Feint did say that it is a possibility.

“Over the past few years, interest in mobile gaming has exploded, creating a huge market opportunity to deliver these games to the one billion plus mobile device users worldwide,” said Mike Buckley, managing director of Intel Capital (via press release). “OpenFeint’s momentum and established user base have positioned OpenFeint as the mobile social gaming platform preferred by developers and publishers. With this investment, Intel Capital is investing in a robust ecosystem of gaming content that we hope to help Aurora Feint scale globally.”

Another major investor in Aurora Feint is DeNA which recently bought ngmoco who had developed a similar rewards/achievement system for their games called Plus+, basically their competition, interest no? However this is not a buyout by Intel or any other company but simply injecting more funds through investment into Aurora Feint.

Good to see Aurora Feint getting some strong backing by some major companies. Hopefully we see another push of Android games shortly with OpenFeint thanks to this and if not, at least maybe Aurora Feint’s game. Developers can download OpenFeint SDK for free at any time.

Developer Website: Aurora Feint

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