Sony considering Android for more future products

At first this may not seem like it is Android gaming related until you remember that rumor has it that Sony Ericsson is apparently making a PSP Go-like phone using the Android OS. According to Engadget, Sony is considering using Android in more of their products although what exactly those products are is unknown but it’s a fair guess what it might be.

Well one of them may very well be this rumored PSP Go-like phone which we have also had a source confirm does actually exists and is on its way. That would also explain the story we originally broke about Playstation looking for someone with Android development experience for a Senior position of there.

All of the timing on this is pretty good, almost more than coincidence considering Android 3.0 (or whatever number they choose) Gingerbread, is due out late this year which is what the reported Android PSP-Go phone is supposed to run. Now Sony is announcing future products may run Android but isn’t naming what they will be? Interesting indeed…

Playstation did change the job listing after we broke the story but thankfully we took a screenshot of it which you can view in our original article about the job listing. This all remains a ‘rumor’ status report but really is it?

Website Referenced: Engadget

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