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Hot Wheels: Race Off is now available for download

If you had Hot wheels as a child, congratulations! You were born after 1968. What I’m saying is that they’re ubiquitous in children’s rooms everywhere. One more show of solidarity; who’s tired of a a studio taking something you grew up with or loved and turning it into a poorly implemented money-making steamer? Again, I feel like that’s most of us. I’m looking at you, Transformers.

Game News

Nvidia puts a large amount of games on sale up to 80% off for the holidays

Nvidia, the gaming hardware company, features games that run well on their hardware, and sometimes exclusively so. Like many other companies, they’re offering deep discounts on many of these games. Some of them are native to Android, while others must be steamed using their subscription service called GeForce Now. And do make note of the fact that any games purchased through GeForce Now also comes with a redemption code from either Steam or GOG, so the games can still be enjoyed offline, and independently of the streaming service, albeit on a PC.

Game News

Dougie Lampkin’s Wheelie Challenge Simulator game will be available this weekend

Dougie Lampkin is a 12-time world champion both in Trials and Motorsports who now has his own sort of mini-game that will become available to play on smartphones and tablets this upcoming weekend. The reason for it being released this weekend is because Dougie Lampkin will be attempting his latest challenge, which will be doing a wheelie around the 37.7 miles of the iconic Isle of Man race course.