Micro Machines is now available for Android

Released by CHILLINGO, Micro Machines is a new Vehicular Combat game. In Micro Machines, players will be in control of the eponymous vehicles, and will look to win races (even against other players), using weapons as often as possible.

The controls are very simple, in that players will have a virtual button in each of the lower corners, to steer in that direction; the accelerator is always active. Winning races nets players gems, which in turn are used to purchase booster packs of parts that get assembled into other Micro Machines.

There are 77 total Micro Machines to collect, that range from sports cars, to police cruisers, hovercraft, and even some from other IP such as Cobra’s H.I.S.S. Tank (or one of the six other G.I. Joe vehicles). Coins are also able to snapped up along the race tracks, and are used for upgrades as well. There’s also a Battle Arena, where players can duke it out with NERF blasters, and other weapons, attached to the Micro Machines; each kill nets you points, the most points will win you the round. The tracks are laid out in such a way as to resemble what someone would do in their own house, racing over the top of homework, food, and so on. There are over sixty upgrades for the vehicles, that include items such as shields, flamethrowers, magnets that will pull you up even with the vehicle you target, and more.  There are also daily goals and random races. 

Micro Machines Features:

  • Race across 18 fun-filled tracks including breakfast tables, desktops, pool tables and kitchen sinks in a vast array of tiny, but powerful, Micro Machines
  • Original creators, Codemasters, have lovingly updated the classic Micro Machines gameplay for mobile devices. All the rivalry, excitement, humor and fun of the games that first appeared in the 1990’s is back.
  • Take to the tracks in seven classic G.I. JOE combat vehicles. Dominate the desks in the H.I.S.S. Tank, try arena combat in the Cobra RAGE or take on toy town with all-conquering Rolling Thunder.
  • Assemble your collection of all 77 vehicles from hot rods to muscle cars, fire trucks, police cars, sports cars, tanks, hovercraft and loads more.
  • For the first time ever Micro Machines features awesome battle arenas. Pick up real NERF blasters to take down the competition and rule the arena.
  • Enter one of the 3 event types and equip your vehicles with one of the 60+ upgrades from shields to flame throwers, axes and shrink rays.
  • Represent your country in solo and Facebook leaderboards or join your friends, work colleagues or team mates and take on the world together.
  • Join or create your very own MICRO MACHINES club, make your mark on world leaderboards and compete each week to win great prizes and unlock cool customizations.

Micro Machines is available from Google Play for free. The game does include both advertisements, as well as optional IAPs. Like always, you can see this game in action with its trailer below.


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