Dougie Lampkin’s Wheelie Challenge Simulator game will be available this weekend

Dougie Lampkin is a 12-time world champion both in Trials and Motorsports who now has his own sort of mini-game that will become available to play on smartphones and tablets this upcoming weekend. The reason for it being released this weekend is because Dougie Lampkin will be attempting his latest challenge, which will be doing a wheelie around the 37.7 miles of the iconic Isle of Man race course.

However this particular game, which is a wheelie simulation game, will actually be released in a slightly less traditional way. Players will be able to watch the wheelie attempt by Dougie live over at the Redbull TV website, and play alongside his attempt in the Dougie Lampkin Wheelie Challenge sim game at the same place. So it is a web-based game but for mobile devices.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of details right now about what exactly will come with this game, besides the fact you’ll be doing wheelies. What we do know besides that is viewers will be able to attempt a virtual challenge to keep Dougie‚Äôs front wheel in the air (a.k.a doing a wheelie) for as long as possible in order to take the top spot in the game’s leaderboard. You will also be able to challenge friends to beat their score via Facebook and Twitter.

Dougie Lampkin’s Wheelie Challenge Simulation will become available to play this Saturday, September 24th, 2016 when he begins his wheelie challenge for real, live streaming it for interested people to watch.

Official Website: Dougie Lampkin’s Wheelie Challenge Redbull TV

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