New Hexagonal Runner The Little Fox Arrives on Dec. 22nd!

Worldwide game publisher ZPLAY has announced that their newest title, The Little Fox, will be available this Thursday Dec. 22nd, just in time for the Holiday weekend. The Little Fox is the first hexagonal field auto-runner inspired by papercraft arts. The brave and cute canine must search through 13 different fairy tale worlds to collect water drops for his beloved flower.

Gameplay consists of a simple tap to either the right or left side of the screen once the fox starts his wild run to change direction. It begins easy, avoiding ledges and traps, and swiftly gains in challenge with multiple pathways and a plethora of pitfalls to thwart your quest for water drops. ZPLAY put extra effort into making each world feel distinct from the others. From burning volcano to freezing ice lands, each unique atmospheric area is designed to bring it’s own feeling and challenge.

This was done not just with visuals and gameplay elements, but with the sound as well. They wanted to match the levels with the music to create the perfect ambiance for each and every level. Experience the lovely cartoonish charms of The Little Fox this Thursday.

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