OrangePixel’s upcoming Space Grunts game finally has a release time frame for Android

OrangePixel has been working on their roguelike game Space Grunts for quite some time now. We have been covering the development of this game since it was announced, so we are quite happy to finally be able to report on an actually release time frame for mobile devices as well as the PC version.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Space Grunts was actually going to be a sequel to Heroes of Loot, but somewhere during the earlier part of development it evolved into the game it is now. This is a futuristic-themed roguelike dungeon crawler but with a turn-based style of gameplay, even though it is an action game. How this all actually works out is a mystery, but it does and quite well. Needless to say, there have been some challenges with developing this type of hybrid game.

The game takes place on a Moon base where ‘something’ has happened and it will be your job to find out what that something actually is. Players will be able to choose to play as one of three different character classes. From there you can use various weapons and upgrades as well as a large collection of items to deal with any hostiles you may encounter. Being a roguelike game, this means that it’ll be different each time you play it.

The good news is, aside from the launch time frame, is that we have an early build of Space Grunts for Android and we will be going hands-on with it live in the next day or so. We expect to die many many times too which should be fun. For those of you looking forward to Space Grunts, the PC version will be hitting Steam in January 2016, while the mobile version will be landing in February 2016.

Official Website: Space Grunts

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