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Space Grunts, Gun Slugs, Heroes of Loot and more OrangePixel games are on sale right now

OrangePixel's Heroes of Loot 2

A bunch of OrangePixel games are on sale right now on Google Play. This is a developer that knows how to make a solid mobile game.

You’ve got the dungeon crawling duo Heroes of Loot 1 and 2, the Metroidvania Meganoid, and the Metal Slug-inspired Gun Slugs 1 and 2.

In fact, I’ve just realised that OrangePixel quite likes creating games inspired by others.


That’s not necessarily a problem though, as a bunch of the inspirations likely won’t come to Android ever. So don’t feel bad picking up a bunch of these games.

Here’s a full list of the games and their links to Google Play. Happy gaming!

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