Day: 22 November 2016


Manage a generational succesion of heroes in Hero Generations ReGen, now available from Google Play

After this game was released on the Ouya early last year, Hero Generations is now available for all of Android, but under the new name of Hero Generations ReGen. This is a game that crosses roguelike elements with your typical 4X strategy. The gameplay is turn-based, with each turn taking one year’s time in the lift of your heroes. Each of the characters will age that year, and part of the game will include players attempting to marry off their characters, and leveling up their progeny.


Google has launched the European version of the Android Indie Game Contest

During the Summer Google held their first Indie Games Festival which had Android indie game developers submitting their games in an attempt to win a variety of prizes, all of which revolve around getting their games out in front of many more eyes. This would inevitably end up boosting download of course. Unfortunately for a lot of developers, this was strictly for developers in the North America. This left out a lot of developers located outside of North America.


OrangePixel launches the Orange Sale, discounting a bunch of their games down to $0.99

Picture it. You have finished eating with your entire family. Your mother has already griped about how you could live your life better, your great aunt Hilda has mentioned that you look like you’ve lost some weight and maybe your kids have driven you nuts during the entire dinner. You are full and want time alone to just relax. How do you do that? By enjoying some you time, yes, some game play.