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Shadow Era TGC to drop on Android soon for those of you who like TCG.

There is a serious lack of any sort of TCG games for Android but it looks like we will be getting a pretty slick looking one very soon. For those of you who are not familiar with what a TCG is, it stands for Trading Card Games such as Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh. Shadow Era is a TCG heading to Android and was developed using Unity3D.

If for no other reason to get this game, the art on the cards happens to be amazing and if you enjoy fantasy art, you’ll love these cards. The point of the game is to build up your deck(s) and defeat other opponents whether AI or another player. Using Unity3D, the interface is pretty nice with lots of 3D effects such as when scrolling through the cards or while playing against another player.


Originally a browser-based game, Shadow Era has already has an iOS version available and since it was made with Unity3D, porting it over to Android was only natural. In the browser and iOS versions feature the ability to purchase booster packs in-game so this feature will likely pass on into the Android version as well. This means you’ll be able to download the game for free as it will be a Freemium game.

If you can’t wait to play it or want to try it out before it is released, you can always head over to the official Shadow Era website and give it a go in your browser. If you’ve never played a TCG before, it’ll take a minute to get used to it but if you are good with strategy games, you’ll do well.

Developer Website: Shadow Era

Website Referenced: EuAndroid (Non-English)

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