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[GDC 2011] Bigpoint sees the promise of mobile gaming, plans to bring their titles to Android

Bigpoint, one of the more major browser-based gaming companies out right now, can see the promise in mobile gaming and Android as well. They are planning to bring as many of their titles to Android in the near future which is great if you’ve ever played a Bigpoint game. All of their games are MMOs and generally high quality 3D graphics.

Bigpoint’s games range across multiple genres from space flight combat to underwater combat, from Farmville-style Farmerama to War of Titans. Every one of their games is set in persistent worlds and are all massive mutliplayer games. We met up with the fine folks over at the Bigpoint booth during GDC 2011 to talk about their mobile plans. While they couldn’t give us too much detail at this time, we did walk away with a few gems of information.

Bigpoint will be bringing their games to Android, keeping them all MMOs as well. They are also going to try and have their games available for as many Android devices as possible without letting the quality slide. This could mean that some games will be tablet-only games while others will be for both Android phones and tablets. User interface is a key point here as some games have fairly intricate interfaces. Also we may see some Tegra 2-only games as well.

They do use their own engine for their games which allows them to be flexible when bringing their games over to Android though. They do have a lot of games and the first ones to be released will be their more newer/popular ones. We can expect to start seeing Bigpoint games for Android coming later this year but no word on an exact time just yet. Games are in development though!

Developer Website: Bigpoint

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