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[GDC 2017] Developers can now hold more obvious sales and other Google Play improvements

Today during GDC 2017 Google went over a couple of new features that will be beneficial for both developers and consumers when using Google Play. The most obvious change, which will be visible in each Google Play listing, is a strikethrough price when an application or game goes on sale. This is in order to make it more obvious to consumers when a game or app is on sale, instead of having to rely on a developer posting it in the game’s description. There will also be a little note that sale when the sale will be ending.


[GDC 2017] Ubisoft announces Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan for Daydream coming this Spring.

Ubisoft has announced a new Virtual Reality game that will feature the Rabbids called Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan. Slated for release on Google’s Daydream VR platform, Virtual Rabbids will have players posing as an agent for a classified government agency, and you will need to travel through different locations in order to hunt down a few irreverent Rabbids who have stolen and scrambled a top secret nuclear safety password.


Hands-on with Pixowl’s upcoming sequel The Sandbox 2

Pixowl’s The Sandbox game has done exceedingly well for itself since its initial release. We’ve talked about that game a few times on here, either about the original launch or regarding some of the updates that have greatly expanded the game from what it once was. Needless to say, when we got an offer to check out the sequel at GDC 2016, we were pretty interested in seeing what was new.


Niantic cancels their GDC 2016 talk and Pokemon GO demo in favor of more development

We don’t talk about cancellations at shows too often, mainly because it really doesn’t happen too often. When it does happen, it’s usually not for a game we are watching. However, this particular cancellation is about a game we’ve been following for awhile now. One game we were pretty eager to see in action, and hopefully get some hands-on time with, was Niantic’s upcoming Pokemon GO title.