Day: 8 March 2016


Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 visual novel / time management game hybrid will be landing on Android later this year

In the time we have been doing DroidGamers we have run into many types of hybrid games, some of which make you sit back in your chair and think to yourself ‘huh, there is a neat idea right there’. Well this is one of those times where that happens with this new game called Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1. This is a visual novel that meshes some time management gameplay into it.


Kings of Steam is another arcade shooter that’s now available for download

It always seems like games in a particular genre seem to get released or talked about all within the same time frame. For example, one week a bunch of RPGs will get released or talked about, while another week would be strategy games. It’s never planned, it just works out that way. So far this week seems to have a lot of arcade shooters and the Kings of Steam is a new one for Android devices.


Lionsgate announces a pair of mobile games based off of the Now You See Me franchise

Lionsgate has announced that they are developing a pair of mobile games based off of the Now You See Me franchise which, if you’re not immediately familiar with what that is, was a movie last year that did quite well in the theaters and has a sequel arriving this Summer. One of the game will be a normal mobile game, while the other game is going to be a mobile Virtual Reality game.