Lionsgate announces a pair of mobile games based off of the Now You See Me franchise

Lionsgate has announced that they are developing a pair of mobile games based off of the Now You See Me franchise which, if you’re not immediately familiar with what that is, was a movie last year that did quite well in the theaters and has a sequel arriving this Summer. One of the game will be a normal mobile game, while the other game is going to be a mobile Virtual Reality game.

Lionsgate is teaming up with Side-Kick VR for the Virtual Reality Now You See Me game, which will end up being a hidden object game. Normally this wouldn’t be the most exciting news but bringing in the Virtual Reality aspect, along with the whole illusion/magic theme that the movies have, could make for quite the interesting and fun title if done right.

The second game will be a joint effort between Lionsgate and Kiwi, and will be a more narrative story-driven adventure game unlike its Virtual Reality counterpart.

Players of the highly-interactive, narrative-driven game will be able to make choices, interact with characters, and dynamically integrate themselves into the world of Now You See Me, which includes getting a behind-the-curtain look at the secret behind the magic. – Kiwi on their mobile upcoming mobile game

Unfortunately, that is about as detailed as the information gets right now about both games. Interestingly enough, Lionsgates look to be releasing both of these games at around the same time the sequel to the movie lands in theaters on June 10th. This isn’t Lionsgate’s first foray into mobile gaming or Virtual Reality, having been working on the upcoming John Wick VR title, as well as a few others.

Once we get more details about each title, we will post an update. Side-Kick VR games are compatible with Google Cardboard, and most other Android-based VR headsets.

Developer Websites: Side-kick VR | Kiwi

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