Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 visual novel / time management game hybrid will be landing on Android later this year

In the time we have been doing DroidGamers we have run into many types of hybrid games, some of which make you sit back in your chair and think to yourself ‘huh, there is a neat idea right there’. Well this is one of those times where that happens with this new game called Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1. This is a visual novel that meshes some time management gameplay into it.

In this game players take on the role of Vic Johnson, a bartender who works at the Bar Oasis. You will be chatting to the quirky regulars and listening to their stories of love, loss and lust as you serve them their favorite drinks in a timely manner. So you will need to pay attention to their orders and their stories. Messing up a drink can be just as bad as not listening. You also need to do all of this in a timely manner, or risk getting unhappy customers.

Players will also need to get to know their co-workers and your clientele in a friendly or intimate way. The choice is up to you how that all goes down. Of course while you’re working, you’ll need to get the drinks right and done quickly. Since this is also a visual novel, there is a storyline to follow.

After the global recession has hit the neighborhood and everyone’s suffering, except Boss, who rarely visits Bar Oasis, as he’s busy writing his first book. Before his disappearing act, Boss hired a pole dancer called Lucy to pole dance in the bar, as well as Carla, whose bar’s going through a renovation, to spend precious off-time keeping an eye on Vic. Desree’s running around crazy, trying to save as many small businesses in the neighborhood from going under, and Eric has reappeared onto the scene, making an “offer” to Desree. All this while, Risa’s in the US trying to launch her album and career, while spending her down-time at a local bar that feels like Bar Oasis.

The interesting this with this game is that it will actually teach you have to make actual drinks, since you’ll need to know how to mix them properly in-game and they are based off of real world bar beverages. Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 will be landing on iOS first, and then on Android later this year. Judging from the name, this will more than likely have multiple episodes as well.

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