Day: 3 March 2016

News changes directions and plans to start focusing on mobile eSports livestreaming

There are only a few applications for mobile devices in that ‘instant streaming’ category of things. One of those is Periscope, where you start up the application on your phone or tablet and using your devices and the Periscope app, stream whatever you are doing in real life to people who feel like tuning in to watch. This can be anything from event coverage and interviews at shows like E3, down to watching someone eat french fries.


Try to capture the king, or help him escape, in Hnefatafl, now out for Android

Hnefatafl is an ancient Scandinavian board game that antedates chess. There are several different variations of play, but the gist of the game is simple. There are two players, each controlling an opposing force, one black and the other white. The black army is the invading one that hopes to capture the king of the white army, and begins with pieces arrayed on all four sides of the board, near its perimeter.