Build up your army of cards in Deck Warlords, a new TCG card game that’s now available

Released by Running Pillow, Deck Warlords is a virtual TCG that is now available on Android. Players will assume the role of an aspiring warlord and build up an army that’s comprised of collectible cards. Within this game, there are random cards that are accrued either after winning battles or purchased with virtual currency that you earn.

These are then used to create a bank of cards from which a set number are used to face off against an opposing army that is comprised of similar cards, each having their own stats such as health and attack power. Beyond getting random cards via winning or purchase with in-game currency, players can also merge and/or evolve them to make better cards, all of which come in one of a half dozen different rarities.

Deck Warlords Features:

– Simple to learn TCG gameplay with a deep strategy
– Dozens of various cards with uniques abilities
– 6 different card rarities ranging from common to mythical, because why not!
– Merge and evolve your cards into new ones
– Merge super powerful tokens from the weaker ones
– Imbue your cards with tokens to craft your very own unique cards!
– Fight your way through the arena to the top!
– Limitless possibilities how to impress others with your ingenious deck!
– Fast-paced gameplay and quick duels ensure you can enjoy all features with only just a few minutes a day!

The game also includes daily challenges, Facebook integration, and dozens of battles in the single-player scenario. The first campaign that I looked at, of the 45 in the game, had fifteen different battles in it. So there is a good chunk of content for single-player gameplay. Lastly, Deck Warlords includes an arena for PvP, but players need to be at least level 12 to enter it.

Deck Warlords is available for free from Google Play and includes optional IAPs as well, like most TCG come with. However, you can play the game through for free.

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