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Under the Radar: Hold off waves of hostile aliens to survive in XenoShyft, now available from Google Play

Based on the eponymous board game, XenoShyft is a deck building game that’s now playable on Android. In this game, players will assume control of the NorTec army, specifically those that are assigned to defending a particular base which housed a mining operation that’s in search of a dangerous fuel source called Xenosathem. This fuel tends to pervert and mutate life that’s exposed to it.


Treasure Hunter Review: Unearth Great Re-Playability in this Card Drafting Game from Richard Garfield

Richard Garfield’s Treasure Hunter is a drafting card game from Queen Digitals. Having played Magic the Gathering for 15+ years and enjoying drafting games, I ventured into Treasure Hunter with high expectations. Game-play consists of drafting cards for the purpose of winning either the maximum or min treasure for each of the three areas or to attack the goblins at the end of each round. After 5 rounds of play, scores are tallied and the game ends. I had a few problems with game-play.