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EA releases Supreme Heroes TCG in a soft launch, available in three locations only

EA has released a new multiplayer TCG title called Supreme Heroes in a soft launch with the game being accessible to only three locations right now: Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. If you’ve noticed a trend lately with this types of launches, you aren’t imagining things. Canada is quite popular for test launches of games lately (such as Eden to GREEN by Zynga) as is Hong Kong and Singapore.

Game News

Quietly, Ninja Gaiden invades Android devices but only in Japan right now

Back in August of this year we talked about two games that were coming to the Mobage social gaming platform that we were hoping would make it to the rest of the world and not just Japan. Those games were Ninja Gaiden and Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting, both of which were definitely coming to Android at the time we initially reported on both titles, they happened to be labeled as Japan-only releases for the time being.