Day: 25 April 2013


The Combo Crew will be bringing old school brawling to Android in May

We’ve already talked about one retro style beat-em-up game last week that will be making its way to Android soon. Now we get to take a quick look at another one that is slated for release next month called The Combo Crew. Developed by The Game Baker, this is another game that will take you back down memory lane to a time when these games were popular and there were plenty of them to play.


Gamevil releases their new Action-RPG called Kingdom & Dragons

Gamevil has decided to release a new game today, jumping onto the Thursday game release trend as well. Their newest titles is a little bit closer to their usual type of game that the company tends to release and is an Action-RPG called Kingdom & Dragons. Even though this is an Action-RPG, this game also features city building elements that you’ll need to take care of should you want to actually get far in the game.


Sega releases House of the Dead: Overkill – The Lost Reels for zombie killing fun

Thursdays are slowly becoming the day where many Android games are released. Sega is jumping onto that trend and have released their newest game onto Android this morning, which has a rather long name, called House of the Dead: Overkill – The Lost Reels. If you remember our coverage of this game when we announced that it would be coming to Android, you probably already know enough to go get the game now.