Gamevil releases their new Action-RPG called Kingdom & Dragons

Gamevil has decided to release a new game today, jumping onto the Thursday game release trend as well. Their newest titles is a little bit closer to their usual type of game that the company tends to release and is an Action-RPG called Kingdom & Dragons. Even though this is an Action-RPG, this game also features city building elements that you’ll need to take care of should you want to actually get far in the game.

Kingdom & Dragons offers up players the choice of playing as one of three available classes: Templar, Bowmaster or Enchantress. So basically you have to choose if you want to play a warrior, ranger or mage. From there you’ll head out into the world to battle it out with monsters and grow your character in strength, learning new skills and gaining new weapons and armor.

However, on top of all the normal features that you would find in an Action-RPG title, Kingdom & Dragons also features city building game mechanics where you have to develop your city, growing it from a small village into a massive kingdom. As you kingdom grows, you will be able to learn new abilities and craft new armor and weapons to use for when you go out exploring and fighting monsters.

If you’re into Action-RPG titles that feature a little extra gameplay like the whole city building aspect to this one, then you might want to check Kingdom & Dragons out. Downloading the game off of Google Play will cost you nothing.

Google Play Link: Kingdom & Dragons

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