Day: January 17, 2013

Game News

3D RPG Realms of Fortune drops its beta tag with its newest update

So two months ago we covered a game called Realms of Fortune by Gamaray LTD, and it is now happily out of beta and has a new release version, that being v1.2. In 1.2 the developers seemed to have added a lot more content for us to play with and have included new things like fishing/hunting and potion making, as well as higher level caps, new level perks, and even new dungeon types.

Game News

The classic Apple II game Lode Runner sprints its way onto Android

In the not too distant past Sony released a new iteration of the classic Load Runner game called Lode Runner X which was exclusive to Xperia devices. If you didn’t own an Xperia device, you missed out on getting that game. However, if you’re a purist when it comes to retro games you will be pleased to know the classic version of Lode Runner from the Apple II days has arrived on Google Play.