3D RPG Realms of Fortune drops its beta tag with its newest update

So two months ago we covered a game called Realms of Fortune by Gamaray LTD, and it is now happily out of beta and has a new release version, that being v1.2. In 1.2 the developers seemed to have added a lot more content for us to play with and have included new things like fishing/hunting and potion making, as well as higher level caps, new level perks, and even new dungeon types.

For those of you that are not familiar with the game, Realms of Fortune is a randomly generated 3D open world RPG. This helps keep the game fresh since every time you start a new game you will have a different map to explore and different places seek out treasure. Combat takes form in several varieties, using anything from swords and guns to magic such as fireball or lightning in order to slay the various creatures that inhabit the lands. With that said, Gamaray LTD still plans on creating new content and possibly even adding a co-op element to the game play.

If you have not played Realms of Fortune yet (and those of you who love 3D RPGs), you can head over to the Play Store and checkout version 1.2 for free, and if you like it, for just $0.99 cents you can unlock the full version which raises the level cap from 4 and allows you to progress further into the map as you complete tasks.

Google Play Link: Realm of Fortune

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