Day: 25 June 2013


Havok releases Project Anarchy, a free 3D mobile game development engine

If you’re a mobile game developer or looking to getting into developing mobile game, there are a few affordable choices out there. Unity3D is one such choice and there are a couple of other ones that offer up indie licenses or are open source. However Havok has decided to release Project Anarchy, a complete 3D game development engine designed for developing Android, iOS and Tizen games.


Three more games just added to the Humble Bundle for Android 6

For those of you who have already purchased the latest Humble Bundle for Android 6, you now have access to three more games to download and enjoy along with their soundtracks. If you haven’t purchased one yet, now is a good time to do so as McPixel, Walking Mars and NightSky HD have been added to an already great bundle, making the total amount of games available up to ten if you pay over the average amount at the time of purchase.


Ouya Game Watch: Ravensword: Shadowlands, Shadowgun and Towerfall

With Ouya going on sale on public retail outlets, and selling it rather quickly, there are plenty of games getting added to the line-up of available titles at launch. In fact there are plenty of them to choose from but a few of the newest additions to the line-up are some that you’ll probably want to check out right off the jump. While we have talked about plenty of games in the past that will be available at launch today, here are three more notable ones.