Ouya officially on sale to the public today, already sold out on Amazon

Today, with no more delays happening, is the day that Ouya has officially gone on sale to the public through retail channels in the U.S., Canada and the UK. The Android-powered gaming console has received additional funding over the past couple of months and a delay that stopped its June launch, pushing it to July, so the company could meet the demand for the unit.

It seems the demand is as high as originally thought and even though the unit just went on sale through retail outlets like Amazon and Best Buy, it is already selling out like crazy. Amazon, for example, has already sold out every Ouya unit it had available. There is some good news though if you’re planning to pick one up today, although we suggest not procrastinating if at all possible.

GameStop also has the unit marked as ‘not available’ right now, possibly meaning they are sold out as well. However, both Target and Best Buy still have the Ouya console up for sale, at least for right now. So if you’re planning to pick one up, those two sites are your best chance.

Website Referenced: Mashable

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