Nexon’s Mabinogi Duel gets updated and ready for upcoming in-game events

Nexon’s TCG title Mabinogi Duel has also received an update which brings with it some new features and content, along with getting the game ready for in-game events that will begin later this month. For those of you not familiar with this game, it is based off of the franchise of the same name, Mabinogi.

Mabinogi Duel is a tactical TCG title which has well over 1,000 cards now, a substantial single-player campaign, and of course, multiplayer battles and ranked battles with other players. Players also have the option to trade cards with other players online, something that isn’t in a lot of TCG titles for mobile still. However trading cards will only be available if players are nearby to you since it is done through WiFi between devices, so it is a bit limited in some ways.

The update brings with it a completely redesigned Home Menu to help with players being able to see a variety of in-game content all at once, instead of having to swipe through a lot of it. A new edition/generation of the game, and boosters for it, have arrived as well called the Forrest of the Dead which includes cards such as Miri, the Mage and her special edition, Dante, the Scholar and Beatrice of Salvation. Players can also now use Special Tickets to enter arenas and unlock additional card boosters.

Lastly, two events are planned to begin next week:

– From now to Feb. 20, to celebrate the official release of the Forest of the Dead, players will have access to new event arenas.
– From now through Feb. 22, fans have a chance to acquire a new hero, Belphegor and a new card, Chocolate Bouquet by clearing missions and participating in events.

This update is now available and can be downloaded off of Google Play, or you can pick up the game itself for free if you don’t have it and want to check it out.

Google Play: Mabinogi Duel

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