Day: 13 January 2017


The new refreshed Nvidia Shield console will be officially available Monday, January 16th

As you are probably well aware of by now, Nvidia announced a new refreshed version of their Nvidia Shield Android TV unit, which subsequently when up for pre-orders a few days after the reveal at CES 2017. Well if you’ve pre-ordered yours, or are just planning to order one when they become available, all of that will be happening on Monday, January 16, 2017, which is next week.


Under the Radar: Gunhouse ditches exclusivity, is now available for all Android devices

If you were a regular DroidGamers reader a few years back, you might have seen a mention about a game called Gunhouse coming exclusively to PS Mobile-enabled phones. Well, this past November, Gunhouse quietly slipped under the radar and hit the Google Play store for all Android devices. Everyone can now enjoy Necrosoft Games’ delightfully quirky take on tower defense and puzzle games.


AMC’s TV show Into The Badlands gets it’s own video game. Now in early access status.

If you’re into the TV. show Into The Badlands, you might want to check out the new game from Reliance Big Entertainment U.K. Into The Badlands Blade Battle is based off of the t.v. show from AMC. It is currently listed on the Google Play Store as an unreleased game, but you can still download it today if you want. With most games on the Play store with the unreleased tag, you may encounter some bugs or glitches.


Angeldust crafting MMO released onto Google Play in early access form

Angeldust is a new quirky MMO out now for Android devices. Looking for a unique crafting MMO? Then Angeldust might be right up your alley. For starters, Angeldust has no quests or story line. It is a fully rendered 3d open world game with a cel shaded look akin to Borderlands. An interesting feature of the game is that it is playable across multiple platforms. Android phones, tablets and PC’s are all connected in this world. You could play on your phone, then log in with your PC and everything would be the same. Or you could be playing on your tablet while your friend was playing on a PC. It all works just fine. Once you create an account, you can go to the Angeldust website and customize your character.