Day: 3 January 2017


Craft and barter your way out of starvation in PixelTerra, now out on Google Play

Released by Anton Skvortsov, PixelTerra is a new crafting and survival game for the Android platform. In this game, players will be assuming the role of a nameless character, who is simply seeking to eek out an existence that is challenged by things like hunger, exposure, and even monsters. Beyond just survival the horrors that alternate on the game’s day/night cycle, players will pass the time by hunting and fishing, as well as crafting at different levels.


Gorgeous tactics game Duelyst is likely coming to Android soon

Duelyst? Never heard of it, you may be saying to yourself right now. I don’t blame you, as many gamers haven’t heard of it. Duelyst is a hybrid between a tactics game and a card-collecting game, and it executes both styles masterfully. If I were to conjure up a simplistic description of what the game is like, it would be the following: it looks like Transistor, it plays (in part) like The Banner Saga, and it’s as addictive as Hearthstone. Currently available only on PC and Mac, Duelyst is making its way to mobile—which likely, but not definitely, means Android—very soon.


Google Play’s Year End Flash Sale is still going on.

So with the new year already in full swing, Google is running a sale on a bunch of games, some of which are marked down to a dime, which tends to only occur on special occasoins, such as holidays. In this case, Google is highlighting a pair of sales for games in Google Play. The first one being promoted is up to 80% off of In – Game sales, and there’s quite the cross section of games in the following list.