Capcom reveals the exact release date for Megaman Mobile

A few weeks ago, Capcom announced that Megaman Mobile would be coming to Android in early January 2017. Now, that release time frame has been narrowed down to an exact date: Thursday, January 5, 2017. That’s right! In just under 48 hours, Megaman will be officially available on Android worldwide.

The Megaman Mobile collection for Android comprises all six of the original 8-bit games in the series. Judging from the available gameplay video and screenshots, each game is a largely-untouched port and not a remake, aside from the virtual controls. Capcom does state in its official website that each game “has been optimized … with adjustments to game speed,” which may explain the framerate issues about which many fans have been quite outspoken.

Pre-registration for Megaman Mobile is still available on the official Megaman Mobile webpage.

Pre-register here: Megaman Mobile


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