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Capcom to Unleash the First Six Megaman Games Onto Android in Q1 2017

Capcom has always had a love/hate relationship for mobile games. On one hand, they love releasing mobile games on iOS, but for some reason it seems they hate to do the same for Android. It seems Capcom is finally giving Android a real chance, as the first 6 games from the Blue Bomber’s 8-bit era are coming to Android in January of 2017. This isn’t the first time Megaman has seen a mobile device.


Resident Evil 5 is now available for the Nvidia Shield Android TV

Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 is now available to download on Google Play exclusively for Nvidia Shield Android TV. In Resident Evil 5, returning hero Chris Redfield—star of the both the first installment and Resident Evil Code Veronica—teams up with newcomer Sheva Alomar. Alomar works for the West African branch of Redfield’s new employers, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Redfield may know the enemy, but it’s Sheva who knows the terrain. While Resident Evil 5 on consoles and PC featured two-player co-op, the game has been redesigned to work on Shield Android TV as a single-player experience.


Capcom is opening up a new studio focused on mobile games and their existing IPs

Capcom has revealed that they are planning to open up a new studio that will focus on making mobile games, mostly from the company’s existing catalog of franchises. This would be the second such studio from Capcom for mobile gaming related content. However, Capcom has been notorious for releasing games, both new and using existing IPs, in just a few Eastern regions like China and Japan. The West and Europe have, unfortunately, gone without regarding a lot of their releases.


[Update: Event Start] Blood Brothers 2 are going to be invaded by Street Fighter characters next month

An RPG released by DeNA, Blood Brothers 2 to be specific, is about to receive a massive update. For those unfamiliar, the Blood Brothers franchise is an RPG that’s set in the world of Arnashia, and this particular game is set around a century after the vampire Galbraith has been defeated. With the ensuing peace beginning to crumble, the world is on the brink of Chaos.


Violating Consumer Trust: How Apple, Electronic Arts, 2K Games and Capcom are Undermining Digital Distribution

The lack of consumer ownership of digital content has long been a precarious condition that gamers have had to accept if they wished to purchase and play their favorite software titles. Be it an unfavorable end-user license agreement (EULA) or digital rights management (DRM), corporate entities have endeavored to convey that consumers do not own digital content, but rather license the content for an indeterminate period of time, during which the rights holder can terminate said license with impunity. Don’t believe me? Here is a snippet of Rockstar Games’ lengthy EULA.