Day: 29 December 2016


Color Perception Puzzle Game I Love Hue Will Finally Arrive in January 2017

Zut Games have developed a peculiar puzzle game involving the rearrangement and organization of tiles on colored mosaics into ordered spectrums titled I Love Hue. I Love Hue was designed specifically for seeking serenity with no timers, no move limits, or punishments for failing to find solutions.  Its beautiful minimalism is meant as a gentle and relaxing experience for players to sink into.


Justice Monsters Five, the Final Fantasy XV pinball game, will be shutting down for good 3/27.

For any fans of Justice Monsters Five, get your pinball fix in now. Also… probably quit buying currency now. The dates of this shutdown are as follows: The notice that the game would be permanently shuttered went out today, the 27th. The premium in-game currency, Golden Balls, won’t be sold past Feb. 27, 2017. One month after that, March 27th, the game will shut down.