Day: 1 April 2016


Capcom is opening up a new studio focused on mobile games and their existing IPs

Capcom has revealed that they are planning to open up a new studio that will focus on making mobile games, mostly from the company’s existing catalog of franchises. This would be the second such studio from Capcom for mobile gaming related content. However, Capcom has been notorious for releasing games, both new and using existing IPs, in just a few Eastern regions like China and Japan. The West and Europe have, unfortunately, gone without regarding a lot of their releases.


Rovio soft launches their newest entry into their Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Action!

Rovio, makers of all things avian and angry, have released a new game into the Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Action! The game is currently being rolled out softly in a few select regions, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet. That being said, the game fits the mold of prior releases, where players will pull back on Red, and then let him loose to bounce around a variety of outdoor structures (sound familiar yet?), to see what can be taken down.


Asgard Run from Amused Sloth has soft launched in some regions. Worldwide release soon.

Amused Sloth is an independent game studio that can be found in the United Kingdom. Their primary goal is to make games that bring a smile to your face. Who doesn’t appreciate seeing a heartfelt smile? Working towards their goal, their second title, Asgard Run has recently soft-launched in some countries. If you are a fan of vikings and endless runners, then you may be smiling after learning about Asgard Run.