Day: 15 October 2015


Noodlecake Studios releases the fast-paced arcade game RAD Boarding onto Android

Yesterday we mentioned that Noodlecake was finally going to be publishing RAD Boarding onto Android. We actually originally went hands-on with this game earlier this year during GDC 2015, so it has been in the works for some time now. Developed by Other Ocean Interactive, and published by Noodlecake, RAD Boarding is a side-scrolling arcade game which takes place in a world where the apocalypse is actually happening at that moment.


Niantic Labs raises $30 million in funding from The Pokemon Company, Google, and Nintendo

Recently Google did that corporate restructuring of all their companies, creating a new top-tier company called Alphabet. When that happened, Niantic Labs actually was removed from being owned by Google, becoming their own true entity. Today the Ingress developer has announced that they have received funding to the tune of $30 million from Google, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo. It is a pretty interesting mix.


Developer of Free-To-Play Game has Game Stolen by Another Developer and Republished to Amazon Underground

Gamers are used to developers crying foul when a game is pirated by users, but in an odd turn of events, independent developer, North Pole Command Centre Limited, was the victim of another developer rather than consumers. According to a forum post by a Reddit user with the screen name, “funkst2002,” Amazon denied their submission for their game, Pocket Wrestling. Having previously published the game to Google Play, the user was confused by the rejection, inspiring them to conduct an investigation of their own.