Day: 23 March 2016


Hands-on with Pixowl’s upcoming sequel The Sandbox 2

Pixowl’s The Sandbox game has done exceedingly well for itself since its initial release. We’ve talked about that game a few times on here, either about the original launch or regarding some of the updates that have greatly expanded the game from what it once was. Needless to say, when we got an offer to check out the sequel at GDC 2016, we were pretty interested in seeing what was new.


Train Conductor World by The Voxel Agents looks amazing… and it is coming to Android

The Voxel Agents are based in Melbourne, Australia. They have released two games for Android. Their most popular one is Train Conductor 2: USA, which was released a few years ago. They have returned to that franchise, and have recently released Train Conductor World for iOS. The game looks great and has been getting rave reviews. At some point, this beautiful looking game is coming to Android.


The War Of Mine will be getting children added into the mix with The Little Ones

11-bit Studios’ popular, dark, and at times, depressing This War Of Mine war survival game will be getting just a bit more dark and depressing soon thanks to the addition of children coming soon to the game. This is a sort of sequel to the original game, officially titled This War Of Mine: The Little Ones, which 11-bit Studios just revealed as coming to mobile devices during a YouTube conference showing. This was originally announced as a PC version.