The War Of Mine will be getting children added into the mix with The Little Ones

11-bit Studios’ popular, dark, and at times, depressing This War Of Mine war survival game will be getting just a bit more dark and depressing soon thanks to the addition of children coming soon to the game. This is a sort of sequel to the original game, officially titled This War Of Mine: The Little Ones, which 11-bit Studios just revealed as coming to mobile devices during a YouTube conference showing. This was originally announced as a PC version.

While there isn’t really a ton of details about The Little Ones just yet, it is safe to let your imagination run a little bit with what you can expect to find when this arrives. Players already have to make some difficult decisions in this game when it comes to the survival of members of your group. Adding children into the mix certainly raises up the stakes quite a lot. This also means you have a whole new perspective to this game being added that you must consider, that of the children.

So when players jump into The Little Ones, you’ll be in charge of trying to keep your group of citizens alive, which will now happen to be made up of both adults and kids. This is still all taking place in an active warzone, just like the original title. With children in the mix, there are a lot of new elements to look after, such as trying to make life as pleasant as possible for the kids in your group of survivors. It can run a lot deeper than that too.

If you thought This War Of Mine was intense, than you can imagine how The Little Ones will end up being. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact release date for mobile yet, only that it is coming at some point in Q3 or Q4. The original game was great, so this one should be just as good, if not better. We will keep an eye on its development and post any updates/details we learn.

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