Day: March 21, 2016

Game News

Telltale Games reveals details about their upcoming Batman series and a new series announcement coming tomorrow as well

Telltale Games have been busy little bees it seems and today the company revealed a few details about their upcoming Batman series they originally announced last year. On top of that, the company also has a big announcement to make tomorrow about two other series, one being Minecraft Storymode (the arrival of Episode 5) and a new series coming in the future which currently is remaining nameless until tomorrow’s announcement.

Game News

Free the land of Acilion from its curse in Celsius Heroes, coming soon to Android

Released by Celsius Online, Celsius Heroes is designed to be a “mid-core” RPG, where things begin on the simple and casual side, and gradually moves into something deeper, with a heavy emphasis on characters and decision making. The developers are claiming inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Master, Eye of the beholder II, Might and Magic IV, and the Ultima Series.