[GDC 2017] Epic Games announces a new tactical RPG called Battle Breaker coming to Android later this year

The Game Developer’s Conference 2017, or GDC 2017 for short, kicks off today and Epic Games was part of the starting festivities, announcing a new mobile and PC game called Battle Breakers. Built using Unreal Engine 4, Battle Breakers is a new tactical-RPG title that will also feature cross-platform gameplay between mobile devices and PC.

In Battle Breakers players will have the ability to put together a team of heroes, of which there are hundreds to find and recruit, in order to build the best team they possibly can. Heroes come in a variety of forms, such as Ninjas, Knights, talking dinosaurs and more. Visually the game has a cartoon look to it which is somewhat inspired for the old school Saturday morning cartoons a lot of us used to watch every weekend.

Once you’ve got a team set up, you’ll head off to battle it out with different monsters that have arrived from space in a variety of different locations, from lava fields to mountains and other regions. Monsters, and your heroes, will have elemental alignments as well, which you’ll be able to use to deal extra damage to monsters of the weaker element to your heroes. You will also be able to smash crystals to unlock hidden treasures, as well as powering up your heroes, all with the goal of taking back your kingdom from these monsters.

Battle Breakers does not have a specific release date for any platform right now, only that it will be arriving later this year. The game has soft launched in Singapore though, so it shouldn’t be too much of a wait for its release. If you are interested in snapping this game up when it arrives, you can pre-register now to receive an exclusive in-game hero when Battle Breakers launches.

Official Website: Battle Breakers Pre-registration

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