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Angry Birds Rio to be exclusively offered on Amazon’s Appstore. Ad-free Angry Birds and Seasons as well.

For all of you hoping to snag a copy of the ad-free version of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for Android, we have some good news and some bad news. Good news is, you’ll be able to buy those later this month. The bad news, it’ll be available exclusively on the Amazon AppStore. We are guessing this disappoints a lot of people.

Why would it be exclusively on Amazon’s AppStore? Easy answer. It is because the Amazon AppStore is getting ready to launch and to not be lost in the plethora of 3rd party app stores out right now, they need an exclusive title offering. What would be better then offering the ad-free versions of one of the most popular game series out right now?

For those of you who, and there are a lot of you who fall into this category, prefer getting your games off the Android Market and no where else, this is pretty disappointing news. The buck doesn’t stop there though. Angry Birds Rio will be exclusively available on the Amazon AppStore as well. Good news regarding this though, Angry Birds Rio will actually come with 60 levels, not the reported 45 levels originally mentioned.


So for all of you who have been waiting to get the ad-free versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons along with Rio, will you actually be considering getting it off the Amazon AppStore or does this move change your decision on getting any of them? Does it make a difference that it’s the Amazon AppStore instead of a private distribution service like Gameloft has? Let us know in the comments as we are very interested to see what everyone things about this.

Angry Birds Rio will be available closer to the end of March when the actual movie comes out.

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