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Gameloft’s temporarily exclusive Xperia Play game, Backstab, gets a trailer.

Gameloft recently announced that they are releasing an Action/Adventure type of game called Backstab which would be exclusive to the Xperia Play for around one month. After that month it would head to other supported Android devices. The game looks pretty entertaining to say the least and should well with the Xperia Play controls.

Backstab also features an open-world meaning you’ll be able to wander about and get into trouble should you feel the need to do so. Mix that in with dynamic combat with things like counter-attacks and side missions, all wrapped up in nice 3D graphics and you have yourself a pretty solid title. Gameloft has released a nice little teaser video which you can watch below.


The more we see of this game, the more we want to get our hands on it.

Video courtesy of PocketGamer

Developer Website: Gameloft

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