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More exclusive games coming to the Xperia Play, this time from Gameloft with a game called Backstab

This is going to end up being a headline for awhile when it comes to the Xperia Play regarding new games being released from developers which will be exclusively for the Xperia Play. This time from Gameloft who announced on Twitter a new game called Backstab which is slated for release sometime in Q2 2011 and will be exclusive for 1 month.

After that one month period we are guessing it will be made available to all of supported Android devices. The game is set on a 18th century Caribean Island and will be a free-roaming action game, 3D of course. You will be Herny Blake who is being falsely accused of Treason and is out for revenge on all his British jailers. Backstab will be a mix of Action and Adventure gaming with dynamic combat and counter-attacks.


So if you plan to nab an Xperia Play at launch, you can look forward to this rather nice looking 3D hack-n-slash game to play on it. Gameloft plans to have a total of 10 Xperia Play ready games when it launches with two of them coming pre-loaded: Asphalt 6 and Star Battalion. No word on whether pricing will remain the same $4.99 everyone is used to or be higher.

Website Referenced: Gameloft Blog

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