Day: March 22, 2011

Hardware News

[Updated] Sony Ericsson releases 3 new promo videos for the Xperia Play, includes satanic message when played backwards

Alright well maybe it isn’t a ‘satanic’ message when one of the videos is played backwards but it is pretty freaky nonetheless. Sony Ericsson, however, is continuing with the tradition they have created with releasing more slightly disturbing promo videos for the Xperia Play. Of course this makes us happy and we hope they see TV time.

Hardware News

T-Mobile G2X dual-core Android phone officially announced. First to come pre-loaded with Tegra Zone.

The T-Mobile version of the Optimus 2X by LG was rumored to be coming and was even spotted in a picture as booths were being set up at CTIA. Well it has now been officially announced with the name G2X which was recently leaked as well. This will be T-Mobile’s first dual-core Android phone and also the first to come pre-loaded with nVidia’s Tegra Zone app.