Amazon App Store now open, Angry Birds Rio free for 1 day, Amazon gets sued by Apple

Well it is a trio of Amazon news in this post starting off with the fact that the Amazon App Store is now open for business! We knew it was going to happen and while the offerings on the App Store (3,800 apps/games at launch) are what you can get on the Android Market, Angry Birds Rio is exclusive only to the Amazon App Store.

Speaking of Angry Birds Rio, if you are quick enough, you’ll be able to download Angry Birds Rio for free for the next 16hours (roughly). It may end sooner depending on how many people grab the game so it is best to head over there right now an grab Angry Birds Rio. If you miss out, good news is that it’ll only cost you $0.99 to buy.

Angry Birds Rio steps away from the usual Angry Birds gameplay and instead bring you just pure anger. You’ll be saving birds from smugglers, not killing pigs and you’ll also be fighting bosses as well. Angry Birds Rio is themed around the animated movie, Rio, which is due out today as well apparently. This isn’t a one shot game either as Rovio plans to release updates for Angry Birds Rio over time.

Of course if you find any secrets similar to Golden Eggs let us know! We will be starting a guide for Angry Birds Rio.


This last bit of news we knew was coming and actually read up on it last night as well but waited until the store open to post about it. As some of our readers pointed out in the comments in a recent article about the Amazon App Store, they were wondering when Apple would sue Amazon. I gave it a month tops. Well apparently it was much quicker as Apple has already filed suit against Amazon and the use of the term App Store in the name of their Andorid marketplace. How nice.

Developer Website: Amazon App Store | Rovio

Amazon Market Link: Angry Birds Rio

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