[Updated] Sony Ericsson releases 3 new promo videos for the Xperia Play, includes satanic message when played backwards

Alright well maybe it isn’t a ‘satanic’ message when one of the videos is played backwards but it is pretty freaky nonetheless. Sony Ericsson, however, is continuing with the tradition they have created with releasing more slightly disturbing promo videos for the Xperia Play. Of course this makes us happy and we hope they see TV time.

While the first two are the more weird of the three videos, the third is just a straight up ‘lets blow sh*t up’ video. If you recognize the woman doing the promo videos, that is because she has played a lot of secondary characters in a fair amount of recent movies such as The Good: Live Hard, Sell Hard, The Vampire’s Assistant, and Dinner for Schmucks. Personally, Kristen Schaal as a dwarf is just weird. Enjoy.

Update 10:50am March 22nd 2011: Seems there are now 5 videos, not 3 so naturally we added them below. Enjoy!

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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