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Snail Games’ gaming-centric Android phone The W3D is now available for pre-orders

Originally announced back during CES 2015, Snail Games unveiled two gaming focused Android devices during that show, the OBox Android game console and the W3D Android gaming phone. We went hands-on with both of those and found that both were quite good for gaming. Today it appears the wait is finally over as Snail Games has announced that pre-orders are now available for the W3D.

Hardware News

OnLive to be available on OUYA when it launches, actual controller also shown off

More news regarding OUYA and future content that will be available when this Android-based home gaming console launches next year. It seems more and more companies are coming out to throw their weight behind the unit by supporting it with content for when it launches. The newest company to come out is OnLive and on top of that we get a look at the actual OUYA game controller.

Hardware News

Poll: Is the OUYA Android game console going to be a success or a failure?

Last week an Android-based gaming console called OUYA was announced, and it had its own Kickstarter page to garner funds from the public. What happened next was phenomenal by all accounts. They shattered many records on Kickstarter, among them the fastest campaign to reach $1 million and the most funds collected in 24 hours. Right now funding sits at just over $5 million with 22 days still to go.