Day: 24 August 2012


Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting and Ninja Gaiden arriving on Android… in Japan for now

If you happen to live in Japan and are into mobile gaming then you have some great news regarding some upcoming games. Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series is getting a new addition called Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting which will be arriving on iOS and Android this year. In addition to that, Tecmo Koei will be dropping Ninja Gaiden for One Million People (roughly translated from Japanese) onto both platforms as well, both of with will be integrated onto GREE’s social gaming platform Mobage.


Hidden Gem: Mr. Mole makes his debut on Android in City of Secrets

We haven’t done a Hidden Gem article in a little while but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been games that land on our desk that were not worthy of such a label. In fact there have been a lot of them so we have decided to inject some caffeine into our veins and get the series back up and running. You can now meet the newest addition to the Hidden Gem games, City of Secrets by Aidem Media.